Artwork from our pupils to feature in new book on teaching art in primary schools!

We are very excited to announce that artwork from some of our students has been chosen to feature on the front cover of a new publication titled ‘Teaching Primary Art’ by Jean Edwards. The book, to be published by Pearson, will be about the underpinning philosophies and pedagogy of teaching and learning art and will be full of practical suggestions, ways of linking art and other subjects, and teaching and support strategies. We can’t wait to get our hands on our own copy, and to show our students how gorgeous their work will look in print! We also hope that it will be a step closer to writing our own book, sharing our learning journey and helping teachers and students develop their creative abilities. Below is a mock up of what the cover will hopefully look like:


Hackney Children’s Art School at the Curve Garden

Hackney Children’s Art School have been invited by the brilliant Curve Garden in Dalston to celebrate ‘slow living’.

We took one of the children’s favourite drawing exercises (by Betty Edwards) and tried it out on new children and adults who had a bit of time to draw. The ┬átask was to draw the negative shapes around a leaf…….not the leaf itself! This helps the brain switch off the verbal skills which name the leaf and leave the drawing up to the visual brain which sees the leaf and the space around it as one thing. They also look very very beautiful and the use of pencil to shade gives a chance for the personality and the individual marks to shine through. We have made a booklet of the drawings to celebrate our artists, slow living and the beautiful Curve Garden. Then we got our artists to do another drawing and make a badge to take home – this task helps repeat the drawing and gives us more practice (plus it makes a great badge!)

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  1. jeandrawingaday
    jeandrawingaday / 2-18-2014 / ·

    I wondered where the art on my book cover came from – it looks great, thanks!

    1. hackneychildrensartschool
      hackneychildrensartschool / 3-4-2014 / ·

      Thanks Jean – we love the book – really inspiring!

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