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Botanically Inspired Fine Jewellery

The core of my work is drawing and I always draw plants. I watched my Grandmother paint bluebell woods and was taught that design and the heart of that process is drawing. Drawing with pen and drawing with gold hold the same magic for both heart, soul and intellect. As my work has developed over the years the botanical influence has literally grown – from my hammered petals to my large flower brooch to the commitment rings and now the flower settings and my botanical drawings – to the colour of stones and the wash of paint.

I worked with vintage jewellery at the start of my career and those swirling, weaving motifs have always drawn my eye. I now specialise in the Victorian Flower Setting, where the metal is pulled over the stone to create tiny flower shapes, it’s a setting that has been handed through four sets of hands from the original Victorian craftsmen. You are commissioning tiny pieces of our making and design history to wear, as a new heirloom, for the flower setting to been seen and admired by the fifth and sixth generations. These pieces are set and monuted by the best craftsmen in the country at Goldsmiths Centre. 

Jewellery shows the passage of time from generation to generation, so the Victorian Fower setting has meaning as well as beauty.

Kate Hodgson now works as a needle point painter for Elizabeth Bradley

Kate Hodgson Jewellery

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