KH Jewellery Design

Drawing is a key skill in any design process but with jewellery it is the only way to create with precious metals and stones.

The way you move your hands with metal and pencil are the same. The better you are at drawing the more you understand the design process needed to make lasting heirlooms for the next generation that have meaning, beauty and craftsmanship.

Kate Hodgson Jewellery now works from a bench at the prestigious Goldsmith’s Centre in Farringdon. I would be happy to look at any commissions, or take you though the collections and tell you the stories behind the pieces, if you contact me for an appointment. All jewellery has a story attached to it and it is that story, that journey that makes is what it is. For me it’s always plants, I draw them endlessly and they weave their way in and out of my life and work.

Kate Hodgson now works as a needle point painter for Elizabeth Bradley

Kate Hodgson Jewellery

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