Kate teaches an after school drawing club at Halley House School once a week, if you would like to see the work from this class look at the art school Facebook page.

Kate also runs one-to-one tutor sessions on Sundays at £30 per hour. You can book one class at a time and have as many classes as you think suits you and what you would like your child to experience. Parents and children have found that this is a flexible way to add to their child’s skills set. An hour with a good drawing teacher can shift a child’s visual understanding and confidence in mark making.

The child then gets a chance to work with a top level designer working from a bench at Goldsmith Centre in the heart of the fine jewellery world, a painter for a international needle point brand and an experienced and passionate art teacher.

Please email Kate for more details: info@hackneychildrensartschool.org

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