The very best drawing teaching is about setting the scene, about telling a story and making the child look very carefully are what is around them with their visual essence, while filling the verbal brain with the real and imagined, that tells a story pointing in directions that make them see more and see more deeply.

Seeing more – for children is key, seeing connections, seeing others, seeing nature, seeing the city, seeing humor and joy in everything, is a skills worth teaching and drawing with equipment as simple and cheap, as a pencil and paper is a way to do it – a way to unlock what lays within a childʼs mind.

Kate Hodgson is a fine jeweller of 20 years standing. Drawing for a life time as part of her design practice and the journey of bringing up two young minds of her own children was the start of her teaching. The journey of learning in the last 20 years is synthesis into every one of her classes with young children. All the ways of re framing things to children, the things that appeal to them, the things that mean something to them has been observed.

“There is nothing like teaching 18 reception children to draw to push your own drawing practice and fine jewellery design. Teaching a young mind to draw a sunflower, they draw the flower in their head and then we count the petals, five on their first drawing and over 100 on the actual flower. Bang – you have just changed the way they see! You have to be very good at teaching and drawing to achieve in that moment, which is why I find teaching children to draw such an important part of my career as a jeweller.”

– Kate Hodgson, Hackney Children’s Art School