Hobby Job?

I launched my business in 1995. I trained for four years getting a 2:1 BA hons. My designing  career in the jewellery industry as lasted over 20 years and I am almost at the top of my profession and I have two children now 9 and 12. My new accountant now has a copy of my business plan which re launched my collections. When I first spoke to him to give an over view, he referred to  my job a “hobby”. It is a very common mistake when your a jeweller and a woman. We laughed a bit and I corrected him. A hobby takes place in your leisure time, it takes you away from work, it gives you joy or you would not do it. No one wants to spend their leisure time doing something that brings them anything other than joy – if that happened you would change your hobby.

Now jewellery over the last 20 years as given me, an income, a tool to intellectually prove myself, it has given me a understanding of economics and a story together create an income revenue. It has also been one of the hardest things I have ever done, I have cried endlessly, I have been rejected too many times to remember, I have been ripped off, I have been let down, I have risked every penny and ounce of my energy in achieving what I have achieved. I have met some of the kindest people and some of the hardest people – every industry has the same of both. I have realized that jewellery is a “trade” and we all  a little bit the same – we need to move our hands a lot, listen intently and love to buy some for less than we sell it for.  So here I am 20 years on – still having the label hobby given to my occupation. The test is has jewellery given me joy, no I cant say joy – thats too simple. Moments of achievement in all the struggle yes and a pot of gold at the end – almost there. I have taken up surfing as a hobby – this will give me joy and make it clear that I have a business which is my career and a sport that is my hobby. And if surfing feels anything like being a jeweller, I will find another hobby fast.fine ring sets