If you ask a child……..

landscape2Today we battled a bit with the paint on boards drawing of the Bird Cafe! I need to work a bit on my skills with paint and colour, being a jeweller I am mostly good at grey! (Any artists skilled with paint please contact if you want to come and help!) So on the last lesson of the term I wanted the images to sing out and I was given the idea for what we did by a child’s drawing – so much of our learning has come from our students! We had covered horizon lines in our first lesson so this idea uses two horizon lines and an imaginary city scape (you can flip the drawing either way!). These images were strong and the children responded really well to the idea (maybe they could tell it came from a child?) I loved them all! I hope after a term of landscape when the class is outside, surrounded by buildings, they will see and observe them in a different way, after seeing Jane Smith’s powerfully detailed drawings, Jane King’s wonderful wobbly lettering, Turner’s freedom with structure and colour and Hockney’s powerful belief in his connection between drawing and our intellect (after all, “isn’t the eye part of the mind?”) In showing young children the basic skills of drawing, we are freeing them from stereotypical expression and enabling them to express themselves with every line they draw: they each have their own style. They spend many hours at school with talented teachers, writing, reading and learning how to express their ideas with writing: in the end writing is the same as drawing, it used an expressive line to describe our inner workings. Each is mark making and making their mark. Well done class and thank you for a term where I hope you all learned as much as me!