Painting in a badge

This week I wanted to use our paints and colour just to free up and experiment with water colours again. We used big paper, often the children are just used to A4 paper and they love to use bigger, beautiful water colour paper and argue who’s tern it is next with the £20 water colour brush! We ended the session with making a water colour badge. The badge machine to me represents the essence of what we are trying to do at the Art School – children love to create an real thing. A item that exists with the real adult world, something permanent – a framed piece of work, real lettering that is used in their environment, laminated drawings or book marks, cards that adults want to use, stickers that look cool and the badge. The badge has always been used as a tool of political denomination from the suffragettes to the punks. The children made badges that say it all, they are saying: we want more art in our lives – we are wearing our creativity, Hackney see our talent and joy, help us connect us to our artistic community that surrounds us. Support our teachers and artists……help them connect for our future…….