Betty does it again…..and Jane shows us the way

I wanted to really push the children this week with a very technical drawing exercise again, nice and tight and in the studio. This was in preparation for our final drawing trip next week, and to get those eye muscles really working well. So Betty Edwards did it again, with a pile of chairs and a charcoal ground, drawing from part to part and using a rubber to work the negative space – they almost look like etchings. This method is one of the most amazing ways to enhance and get children’s drawings looking great – I will use it again! And if the drawings look great the children want to do it again, thank you Betty. We have also discovered a local artist Jane Smith and boy can she draw buildings and map all the changing landscapes of Dalston! To connect primary school children to the talents and skills of local artists is the point of the art school. They loved her work, the affirmation they have when they see drawings of their own environment is brilliant. So they drew from Jane’s images and they learned the power of the line and the image. This comes out in the “city drawings” later on in the term – I think these drawing end up being strong because they have seen and looked at Jane’s work.