A network lends a helping hand

One of the most important aims of the Hackney Children’s Art School is to connect children and artist. We sent a message to artist/designer of the 500 strong Craft Central Network and the children were thrilled to get to meet, see the work and draw with a practising designer……Francesca Mancini  She came to the Curve Garden and showed the children her portfolio, with an amazing tree inspired coat stand and explained the strong connection for her between drawing and designing and making. Meeting an artist to a child is like meeting a star, the artist has found a way to keep a child like creativity within the adult world and children thrive in their company. “The urge to draw must be quite deep within us, because children love to do it, be bold with crayon. Some times I watch them and think I must have been like that. Most people lose it, but some of us keep it” – David Hockney. Big thanks to Francesca…….from us all. Now we will take back these drawings to the studio and show them along side our box and horizon drawings and see what happens next….