Art Show in a badge

This week we had our exhibition of the children’s work. Parents came to collect the portfolios and see what exciting things their children had been drawing and making. Top of the list was the badges…using the children brilliant drawings, we love them all!!!  Both Ali and I wear a child’s drawing every day! We also exhibited a book of their drawings, which Ali has lovingly put together for them. It really shows how beautiful these drawings are and how we should be using them in our every day lives, with the same status as adult’s art. Maybe this is why children find it so difficult to get access to good art/drawing teaching when young – we see what they do as below us, child like, just the start of there journey. Maybe this is the most fragile part of their journey and like archaeologists, we adults should be preserving their drawings. They will never be this free and never have the same way of seeing things – we need to frame this and capture it and learn from it. And an exhibition does just this!


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