Half and grape, a slice of cucumber and some cress

An idea from our favourite book Art School that started our class: lets think about scale. When we draw a comic we get big things and scale them down to fit them in a little box. This exercise from the Art School book did the opposite – we got small things and made them big. Half a grape, a slice of cucumber and some cress but drawn big on large paper. The kids got extra flow stickers for going over a drawing and correcting a line, not easy when you have been at school all day. The exercise really helped them look at negative space and the shapes around the objects. Then we moved onto the spider comic – using Ali’s idea of developing narrative we wrote FOOD and ANIMALS on some wallpaper paper – big scale again. Then asked the children to connect words to make up a story, joke or pattern. So next week we will use these in the last class of the term in a bid to get those comics finished!