Planes, birds and dragons

It never stops changing in Hackney. Its fun and hard for us all, we have to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new, it part of our life cycle. So for our drawing trip we took the children to our new Library CLR James, built on the sight of an old and much missed Music Hall. A few plaster details of this old building, now demolished are on display in the libraray – we might draw them next term. But we are embracing the new and to have a whole new children library is totally amazing for the children of Dalston. We get the chance to show them how important reference is in drawing. How there are rich images contained in books, the chance encounter with an illustrator, photograph or comic can effect our drawing. Each child was given a words like “birds” or “planes” or “dragon” and had to find an images to draw for the front cover of their comic. Some children found the image of the exact word and some just found something they wanted to draw!!! Books are part of our visual world, an essential tool for life and therefore art. If we repeat drawing in libraries (and drawing the actual library building too) then the art school children will have a tool for life: knowing that – ideas and images are connected and where to find them – in books at the library. They had time to read too – guess what, they all sat still and quite at the end of the session and disappeared into books! Not an ipad or d.s. in sight.