Still life and a tiny comic box

This week we had a still life of fruit and veg for the children to draw. We worked on a few pen sketches, then cut the still life in half and drew that! Our new Rembrandt pastels were great for working out all the colours, tones and textures that we found in the pineapples, beans, tomatoes, peppers and courgettes! It was a lot to do but everyone did great, building up the layers of colours to create some stunning images. While they drew I explained where the word ‘cartoon’ comes from and how this technique of using charcoal was the start of the cartoons we know and love today! Then a change in scale… we wanted them to work on a storyboard, and to shake up their thinking we had them develop a comic box (using a match box!) don’t they look great?! This idea was from a brilliant book called (you guessed it!) ‘Art School’ by Mick Manning and Brita Granstorm. If there is one book anyone interested in children’s art should get, we reckon this is the one! Full of ideas that anyone who went to (big persons!) Art School would recognise, the book beautifully re-packages these exercises for children. We passionately believe that developing our skills to be able to really ‘see’ and interpret the complexity, madness and beauty of the world around us is a precious gift our children and their futures need. If they can truly ‘see’ our planet as vital and part of our responsibility maybe this skill will allow them to make different and more effective decisions when they have the power. Learning to draw might seem as small as matchbox in our hectic world… but maybe not?