Cheesie, Blaub and Unknown



This week we were really working on our character ideas. The animals had changed colour! So we painted them…….using our drawings in our sketch books and their shadows, holding the animal over the boards and then painting. Each ended up with a personality…..! We then got out all our pens and paper drew our character ideas in a frame using as much texture and 3d as we could. Next we cut out some of Ali’s amazing letters. Again the children showed that they love lettering: the way they selected the letters, cut and position them and coloured so carefully. It a joy to see and Ali’s letters are so beautifully hand drawn, the children revel in making them their own. Here is a quote from  Steven Jobs Quote about his journey with Calligraphy. It shows has small visual experinaces can have   an important place in our life journeys. It seems so important to give children the chance to have great lettering in their visual education – and comic’s give us a great excuse to use them!