How to draw a cartoon chair

With our new pens in hand I wanted the children to take a trip out with the sketch books, animals and figures we have been drawing. With an open view of what comic drawing could be about. A short film again on u tube showing “How to draw a cartoon chair” telling us that 3d and texture make comics look cooler helps! Then we set of to the Arcola Theatre. Some children took time to settle but in the end everyone found the chair that sparked a drawing. So often in Hackney cafes we are surrounded by amazing mix of furniture, stylish vintage chairs but also enough of the skip chairs to make the atmosphere warm. The staff and customers were welcoming and bemused at the same time. If you look at the photo you can see why, you don’t see children of this age drawing in public very often. But the children got attention for drawing and this is key to teaching them. If drawing gets attention, then it must be a skills worth learning. They did some very strong drawings of the animals and the environment we placed them in, finding the character within a chair and in broken windows, pipes, lamps, stairs and walls – all worth looking at and drawing. I hope they will maybe see a cafe differently when next in one, I know I will! Thank you to the Arcola for letting us draw! The box office lady got a little exhibition of the drawings, the kids were so eager to show them! So maybe she will think a bit about how children’s drawing are a powerful thing and should be seen and talked about more!