New Pens and Texture Squares!

We started with a film about the history of comics to get the class thinking. Then I wanted to get the children drawing using the new black art pens, making marks and finding their own style of drawing with them. Ali drew some beautiful textures and lines using graphic comics as inspiration. These texture squares were cut out and placed around the animals. The children drew their hand holding an animal, in their sketch books: this was not easy at all but I am finding if I ask the children to do something I would find hard, it pushes them and they seem to come up with these amazing drawings: a mix of naivety and striking observation. This is a wonderful combination! We then drew the animals, played with texture and line, cut them out and went a bit mad with collage. Collage fits the comic strip theme, it is free and fun and you never quite know were it is going to go! Some of these drawings will make it into our “Image Log” for Ali to use in our end of term comic. Next we used blank comic strips to build up the children’s comic (they do a bit at the end of each class). This will be an interesting record, much like a sketchbook, of how the children are progressing. All I can say is a few squares on A4 paper and some pens, could keep these children happy for a whole day, they love comics. All children need more comics and time to draw their own.