End of Term Exhibition

It was show time this week and all the children’s hard work was revealed to their parents and friends. Each child had a portfolio of drawings, prints, sketch books and original paintings on boards. We had a quiz with questions covering Vincent van Gogh, Eric Carle and “The Little Prince” and of course the five elements of drawing. The cards of the children’s art work were a great success and parents ordered these and the fine art A3 prints. All the Art was carried home in The Art School “ more art for more children bag!”

Ali and Kate would like to thank all of the parents for their support and feedback on this test term, they have been such a big part of how we run the art school. And we would like to thank our first art school children: Linus, Billy, Alice, George, Mia, Joseph, Ben, Alex, Teddy and Hardy. They have taught us so much!