A Little Guidance Can Go A Long Way!

A simple jug with bright flowers in the middle of a mirror was our final drawing project. To warm up we did an exercise from from Betty Edwards book on drawing – it was funny to see them sitting so still! Then each child was given their sketchbook and painted boards and set to work. When everyone had gone home, Kate pegged up the boards and was faced with something that was very moving… Look what kids of 7 and 8 can do if you give them some paper, some drawing exercises, some fabric, some paint, quotes from Vincent Van Gogh, Eric Carle and the Little Prince, and show them the beauty and wonder of leaves! We hope that this website demonstrates the incredible creative potential that children, parents and teachers can have with just a little guidance, and we hope the ‘grown-up’ Art World of galleries, museums and art shops will pay attention too! We need to get real artists into primary schools NOW, to reach these children and give them the chance to be part of the wonder and madness and creativity that is the Art World. Why are we not looking and buying and being inspired by the fantastic talent of our children?!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso