The Power of Colour

This week we started preparation for the final exhibition! All Kate’s amazing old paint testers were placed down the middle of the table to be used liberally! The children were shown paint charts and we celebrated the amazing names that are given to colour in a simple pot of paint!

Then they were let loose, mixing and painting their boards, it was a sight to see! The excitement children have when working with these amazing colours that they are not normally allowed access to was great! At school they are only allowed the most basic primary colours, and although learning to mix colour is an important skill, the excitement the kids had of creating a surprisingly ‘mature’ looking piece of art because of the colours, reinforced our vision of getting more colour and drawing to the young children of Hackney.

Hackney Children’s Art School would like to thank Brewers painting and decorating supplies for helping inspire and reinforce our understanding of how important and beautiful colour is, and for all the free fabric sample books that have provided this terms main focus.