Faces and Hands

The first class in our trial term has been and gone and we feel it was a success! Each child had their own sketchbook and Kate facilitated them in drawing a self-portrait and their hand (easier said then done as it was a first time for many!) but they rose to the challenge, particularly enjoying the hand drawings. The kids where also asked to pick a postcard from the wall of artists postcards (see above) to help inspire them, and they came up with the idea of copying the images into their sketchbooks, imitating the style of their chosen artist. Allowing them to have a say in the development of the Hackney Children’s Art School is what is particularly exciting, helping us to learn what they want and allowing them to feel part of the process. They also helped in the development of the school by colouring typographic sheets designed by Ali to help with the visual branding of the school, going mad with the colour (Kate was tricked into letting them use her best Rembrandt pastels!) and they revelled in the process, quality and mess – transforming the lettering before her eyes!

Next weeks class will be an hour and half and Kate has been planning ways to make the last half hour extra colourful and messy – an old canvas has been scavenged and will be attacked with paint from a distance!